Positive Thinkers and Optimal Health

Thoughts Determine Biology

In Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton beautifully illustrates how the environment of a cell, not the genes, is ultimately responsible for the cell’s physiology and behavior.  He also beautifully illustrates how this epiphanal cell discovery can be extrapolated to humans.  Our perceptions and thoughts affect our biology. Cosmic consciousness can “illuminate a pathway to personal empowerment”.  To be successful, we need to control our thoughts. We need to be positive thinkers!  

Positive Thinkers

In our home gardens, we are responsible for planting flowers.  We don’t plant weeds but they grow there anyway and can take over the garden if left unattended.  We need to remove the weeds.  Just like our garden, we are responsible for planting thoughts and perceptions in our brains. We need to plant positive thoughts, perceptions, and affirmations that serve us.  We must plant words of gratitude. If we don’t remove the weedy negative thoughts, they will take over. Most of our thought programming happens before we are 6 years old.  We interpret and give meaning to events or situations that are false or self-limiting.  What do we really know when we are 6 ?  If we don’t realize it, we carry these false beliefs throughout our lives.  


Cosmic Consciousness

So why do we hold on to these false beliefs?  As adults, we must identify false or limiting beliefs and try to understand why we developed them.  We must raise our cosmic consciousness. We must ask ourselves if the belief is true.  Then we must think about other interpretations for that event or situation. This process will enable us to replace our false or limiting beliefs with beliefs that are true. We must raise our cosmic consciousness and control our thoughts for success. We must be positive thinkers.  Our beliefs affect our energy systems.  Remember the “human nervous system is a phenomenally sensitive 37-mile long antenna that reverberates to the energies of the world”. Everything we think carries its own frequency and affects our nervous system. Each of us possesses in our skulls, the most sophisticated computer ever conceived of and we don’t use it to its full potential.   Remember limits are self-imposed!  I don’t think any one of us would purposefully put limitations on our potential!  

Words of Gratitude

As positive thinkers, using words of gratitude raises our cosmic consciousnessemphasizing our blessings. This way of thinking dramatically directs our responses to life.

When I meditate on all that I am grateful for, my words of gratitude immediately increases my energy levels. A Deatly

Thoughts affect our biology. Use words of gratitude. Choose accurate interpretations of life events and situations. Plant positive thoughts and affirmations in your brain. Positive thoughts strengthen your energies and muscles!  As positive thinkers, we can create our own destinies!  

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