Chakra Energy Healing and Optimal Health


Chakra Energy Healing & Optimal Health

Chakra Energy Healing

Seven chakras of swirling energy line the human body from the base of the spine to the top of the head.   These energy stations are seven layers deep.  Just like memory is stored in human neurons, “energy memory” is stored in the different chakra layers.  

Chakra Balance

Physiologically, chakra energy encircle the energies of proximal organs.  In fact, the chakras are named for the part of the body over which its energy spins.  From the top of the head to the base of the spine, the seven chakras are the: [list style="check"]

  • Pineal (crown)
  • Pituitary (or third eye)
  • Throat
  • Heart
  • Solar plexus
  • Womb
  • Root
[/list] The equilibrium in a chakra’s energy correlates and influences the health of the proximal organs and

“…..imbalances in chakra’s energies precede (and thus predict) the onset of disease.” Donna Eden

Therefore, it is critical to clear and balance chakra energy to prevent dis-ease. Chakra energy healing facilitates optimal physiological health. In addition to the physiological relation between the chakras and the body, there is a relationship of chakra energy and the psyche.  Every important or significant event in your life is energetically coded in your chakras. An experienced energy medicine practitioner’s hands can feel their client’s physical or emotional pain.  The practitioner’s hands actually vibrates with the client’s chakra energy.  Because the chakras encode experience, their energy may reveal how a person’s past experiences elicit present physiological symptoms. Chakra energy healing by clearing the energy of past traumas, disturbing events and/or conflicts often opens up the opportunity for transforming chronic health problems. Chakra energy healing facilitates optimal psychological health.  

Spiritual Therapy

Chakra energy also embodies spiritual energy.  Memories from ancestors or “past lives” are also said to be encoded in the chakra energies. Chakra balance is also considered spiritual therapy.  An intuitive energy practitioner can feel and “sense” past events and unlock the key to present day elusive physiological or emotional ailments and life’s challenges. Chakra energy healing is good for body, mind and spirit harmony! How important is it for you to obtain chakra balance and spiritual therapy? How important is it for you to clear your energies for optimal health? Please check the calendar for the next event or small group discussion on chakra balance, chakra energy healing, or spiritual therapy or call for individual consultation.

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